About Brian Searcy


Brian Searcy is the President of The Paratus Group. His vision for The Paratus Group is to “Redefine How Safety is Learned” to make schools, churches, workplaces, and communities as safe as possible. His unique experience and expertise, with the help of The Paratus Group Team, have revolutionized how situational awareness is trained and learned allowing the opportunity for every single member of our communities, the true first responders, to be “Prepared to Survive”. This is critical to understanding what “Left of Bang” means and how the learning of situational awareness empowers you to Prevent incidents from happening ensuring that you and your family are not victims. 

Following a decorated senior leadership career in the USAF as a commander and combat veteran, Brian transitioned into executive roles as a business entrepreneur, writer, publisher and public speaker. He co-founded The Paratus Group in 2019 with the objective of using his decades-tested and proven leadership and training experience to solve a need for relevant, effective, trustworthy principles, training methodologies and programs to allow for the learning of situational awareness. The situational awareness mindset and behaviors that are developed allows critical decisions to be made in the complex dynamics of the home, schools, the workplace and our communities to make us all safer.


Brian's mission is deeply rooted in a commitment to redefine how safety is learned. Through The Paratus Group, he strives to create a world where individuals aren't merely prepared for the unexpected but are empowered to respond effectively to threats, ensuring the safety of communities at large. This mission is the guiding force behind every initiative and training program at The Paratus Group.


Brian's vision for The Paratus Group is clear — to redefine how safety is learned. He envisions a world where individuals are not just prepared for the unexpected but are empowered to respond effectively to threats. This vision sets the tone for a transformative approach to safety education, where the focus is not only on preparing for incidents but on preventing them through proactive and anticipatory measures.


Brian Searcy's journey commenced in the USAF, where he served as a commander and combat veteran. His decorated military career not only honed his leadership skills but also instilled in him a deep understanding of the critical role of leadership in any mission. Transitioning from military service, Brian embraced diverse roles as a business entrepreneur, writer, publisher, and public speaker.

In 2019, Brian co-founded The Paratus Group, driven by the goal of applying his decades-tested leadership and training experience to address the need for relevant, effective, and trustworthy principles in situational awareness learning. The history of The Paratus Group is one of evolution and innovation, shaped by Brian's multifaceted background and commitment to creating a safer world.

Preventive Mindset: More than a skill, it's a mindset—empowering prevention, safeguarding families. Brian's leadership navigates complex dynamics, fostering proactive safety.

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Discover a holistic approach to safety under Brian Searcy's expert guidance at The Paratus Group. Through innovative on-site and e-learning platforms, we go beyond teaching situational awareness — we cultivate a mindset. Our mission is to equip individuals with the skills to prevent incidents and navigate potentially dangerous situations. With a focus on a comprehensive and adaptable training model, we aim to foster a community that is not only educated and trained but also empowered to make informed decisions in the face of emerging threats.

Join Brian Searcy's transformative journey, where learning becomes a powerful tool in creating a safer world. Explore the nuances of safety through Brian's experiences, engage with thought-provoking content, and become an integral part of a community committed to being "Prepared to Survive." Seize this opportunity to enhance your safety awareness and join us in building a resilient and empowered community.